Mumbai GTUG

Mumbai, India

Mumbai GTUG is an open and non-profit developers group that aims to learn, share and know more about Google technologies. The membership is open to newbies, developers, students, lecturers and anyone who is interested in Google's technologies or use them as part of their projects. This group was started by a Google fan and enthusiast who is interested in using Google's evolving technologies and APIs. Mumbai GTUG is a Maharashtra, India based open group of members to use, learn, share and contribute to Google Technologies and in general to the wonderful World of Open Source. This was started on 10th April 2011.


Our members are using or want to learn more about developing applications using Google technology, including:


  • Google Ajax APIs – maps, search, visualization, gadgets
  • Google Friend Connect and Open Social
  • Android – mobile development
  • Google App Engine – scalable cloud computing
  • Google Web Toolkit – web development platform
  • Project Hosting
  • Analytics and AdSense – advertising and web analytics
  • Google Wave – real-time collaboration and communication
  • and much more...

Photo: Community Manager, GTUG Mumbai

Introduction to GTUG and Android
Android, GTUG Introduction