Astrakhan GTUG

Astrakhan, Russia

The Google Technology User Group of Astrakhan, Russia.

 Astrakhan GTUG has been founded (announced) on 23 June 2011, and it's the 14'th of Russian GTUGs. It's a Russian-speaking community of people interested in (or having practical experience with) Google technology in IT, marketing, business, education, consumer, and lifestyle areas.

 Our main purpose is to unite practicing developers interested in Google and its technologies. We want to study and use the best solutions in the Web.

 Our official website is In order to find out about upcoming events in advance, we strongly recommend you to join our Google Group... And don't forget to introduce yourself ^_^ We also maintain a calendar that lists our upcoming events. Feel free to follow us on Twitter: @AstrakhanGTUG.

 Please join us and let's make our world a better place together!