Ranebennur GTUG

Ranebennur, Karnataka, India

We are a bunch of curious people from the Rural town of Ranebennnur(Karnataka) in India, who are really interested in the Technologies offered by Google And We Love to share them with our peers.

If you are anywhere near our region and want to join us then please feel free to Contact the Manager. We would love to have people with similar tastes and curiousity levels so that we could all improve our Knowledge Curves.

If you have any constructive criticism or advice then please feel free to the Manager personally or send a message to the mailing List.

If you want explore our online articles and posts then you can visit:

Our Blog , Our Twitter Link. For other Links to our Forums,please refer to our web-site link on this Profile Page.

Have a Good Day :)

Going Dynamic!
Google Sites
54 attendees
Web Designing Workshop
Google Sites,Creating static websites
114 attendees
Introductory Seminar
Android, Google App Engine, Google Earth APIs, Google Maps APIs, Google Web Toolkit
80 attendees