Karlsruhe GTUG

Karlsruhe, Germany

We are in the process of starting a Google Technology User Group to get together people interested in or currently working with Google technologies, APIs, products once a month to learn, share experiences, and network.

The Google technologies are expanding so fast, this is difficult for anybody to keep up with everything that is going one. Most of us stay focus on the technologies we currently use. A monthly networking event should help everybody getting good information on what is going on in the Google technology world.

Our group site is available here: http://karlsruhe.gtugs.org/ There is very little there yet though. For more information about what the GTUG goal is, how events are structured, etc., you can visit the website of the Silicon Valley GTUG: http://sv-gtug.org/ This GTUG has been running for over a year, so you can find some useful information on the website.