Singapore GTUG

Singapore Google Technology User Group, hosted at, is the Singapore Chapter of the global Google Technology User Groups (

SG-GTUG is a Singapore-based non-profit developers group to learn, share and know more about Google technologies. The group was started by a group of Google fans and enthusiasts who are interested in using Google's evolving technologies and APIs. The membership is open to developers, managers and organizations who use at least one of Google's technologies as part of their projects.

SG-GTUG's vision is to be the first-stop top-notch Google developer group in Singapore where individual and corporate developers can interact with, and learn and share from one another.

In order to reach our vision, SG-GTUG's mission is to make available various channels for the developers to interact. Our channels would be both virtual and real. We are building a strong web presence through many of the leading social networking websites and tools. In addition, we plan to organize regular developer events where developers can showcase their products and interact with other developers.