Seattle GTUG

Seattle, Washington, United States
The Seattle Google Technology Users Group meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at StartPad in downtown Seattle.  Our members are using or want to learn more about developing applications using Google technology, including:
  • Google Ajax APIs - maps, search, visualization, gadgets (JavaScript)
  • Google Friend Connect and Open Social
  • Android - mobile development (Java)
  • Google App Engine - scalable cloud computing (Python and Java)
  • Google Web Toolkit - web development platform (Java)
  • Project Hosting
  • Analytics and AdSense - advertising and web analytics
  • Google Wave - real-time collaboration and communiction
At each meeting we invite our members to do brief (5 minute) demos of a product or sample using Google technology.  We also invite speakers to prepare more in-depth presentations for a deep dive into new or relevant Google technology.
Our meetings are open to the general public - sign up here.

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